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There Were Gin and Tonics...

Is this really happening?

It was October 20 at 7 PM when I walked into my favorite general store and viewed the quaint shop in a different light.

Registers closed. Aisles dark. Customers gone.

If I was there in one of my usual fashions, which can range from grabbing lunch to gift shopping, I would have felt a bit concerned. But I wasn't there in my usual fashion.

I was there to meet with my first potential client, Wanamaker's General Store.

There was no feeling of concern at all. Just pure excitement and gratitude. I had excitement because my dream of owning a marketing firm geared toward helping farmers, artisans and small businesses was becoming a reality. I had gratitude for every individual and experience that helped me get there, up to and including Arian and Kyra of Wanamaker's General Store. Okay, maybe I had some nervous butterflies, too, but the gin and tonic took care of that.

Against The Grain was officially a reality.

I hope you'll find a way to experience Against The Grain in some way, shape or form. Whether you're following along via this blog, Facebook, or Instagram.

In the meantime, please check out Against The Grain's official website for more company information and feel free to reach out if you're in need of Against The Grain's assistance or if you just want to chat.


Angela Corrado

Serious Business Lady, Against The Grain LLC

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