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What Was I Thinking?!

You don't always lose when you fold.

I just launched a business. I have several solid leads and a couple clients. I'll be the first to admit that I have a lot of growing to do and I'm hungry for more work.

But I just turned down a job.

There are justifications involved that are specific to my situation but there is also a general, and very important, business lesson overlying the entire scenario. It is this:

You can't be everything to everyone.

This advice relates to my last blog post but it's important to realize that this lesson applies to all businesses and personal relationships — big or small.

You need to define your mission and objectives right out of the gate and stick to them or else you'll end up spiraling into a ball of work you can't handle. You will over promise and under deliver and, even worse, you will keep you and your business from obtaining the goals you initially set out to accomplish.

I am absolutely NOT fond of their customer relations but that's why Spirit Airlines is a perfect example for this lesson. There is clearly no bias present. They provide horrible service in my opinion, and according to the general public, but they don't care about those average customers and they don't care about me. The evidence in this USA Today article will fill you in if you're not familiar.

The fact of the matter is, there's a good chance you will need to make sacrifices, say "no", and let things slide by if you hope to meet your goals and achieve success. I don't agree with Spirit Airline's customer relations policy but I do respect their dedication to it.

Keep that in mind as potential opportunities arise.

  • Remember what you set out to achieve from the get-go.
  • Don't be afraid to turn down work if it keeps you from obtaining your utmost important goals.
If you back down in the current round, it doesn't mean you will lose the long game.


Angela Corrado

Serious Business Lady, Against The Grain LLC

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