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It Always Comes Back to This

The Answer You Don't Want to Hear

I'm always telling my clients that they need to be blogging. And yet, here my blog sits, inactive for several months. I could go the old parental route, "do as I say, not as I do", but that's a lame excuse. Which is, ironically, what this blog post is about. Sort of. In a roundabout way.


Not that long ago I blogged about a book I was reading that examined our use of time today and how we claim to not have any. It was called Overwhelmed: How to Work, Love, and Play When No One Has the Time by Brigid Schulte. The book brought to the surface some studies that proved we have plenty of time. It's really our perception of time that's changed through the years. Might I add modern day distractions?

Now I'm reading Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance by Angela Duckworth.

She did a TED Talk about this so you could check that out if you're not much of a reader. This book analyzes our idea of success and how people achieve it. While I'm still working through this one, it's essentially about Duckworth (and others) conducting several studies, interviews and observations through her career that observe talent, effort and skill.

One of my favorite points arose in discussing famous German philosopher, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche. He claimed, in regards to natural talent, "...if we think of the genius as something magical, we are not obliged to compare ourselves and find lacking...To call someone 'divine' means: ; 'here there is no need to compete'."

In addition to all that, I listened to a Malcolm Gladwell podcast during one Saturday "workout" (a brisk stroll around the neighborhood).

It is Episode 7: Hallelujah. In short, it's about two different types of creators/artists. Some can develop a masterpiece in minutes. Some artists require several drafts and months, maybe years of analysis. They struggle with their craft but they fight through and allow time to run its course. In the end, the masterpieces are equally brilliant but they just required different paths, different amounts of patience.

Let's summarize.

I could probably go on with various books and podcasts I've been drawn to and have reflected on about these topics. I can assure you there will be more blog posts about it. For now, this is the answer:

Be patient and honor the process.

In a world where products and services are available so quickly at our fingertips, we often forget that not everything works that way. 

Your blog posts may not bring the results you're looking for right away but that doesn't mean they are pointless.

Results WILL take time. 

Results WILL take effort. 

Results WILL take grit. 

Obstacles WILL arise. 

One of our biggest obstacles is time. Who has time to blog? YOU DO. Find your grit and work at it. Stop saying "I don't have time". Stop saying, "well, that person is just a natural writer. He/she can crank blog posts out in no time." Take matters into your own hands and don't be afraid to share your questions and struggles with others along the way.


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