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Small Business, Big Picture

A "What If" Magic Eye Point of View

The first of many.

Welcome to Against The Grain's ongoing column, Small Business, Big Picture, where I tap into the brain's of small business owners, employees, and more, in an effort to share their big picture opinion on a topic of their choice. 

Movies, politics, relationships.

The sky is the limit when it comes to Small Business, Big Picture. I believe every person has a passionate big picture opinion about one or more topics and I want that organic passion to shine, which is why I won't be prompting any featured businesses, unless they request it.

An example.

While I hate to use politics, here's an example of a big picture opinion. It is not my opinion per say, but I believe it's a clear way to exemplify the concept at work here:

A big picture.

What if, the time, energy and money, that we spend toward arguing politics was put directly toward causal organizations that candidates claim to support and toward the non-profits that citizens hope will benefit from a candidate's election? What if it was put directly toward the federal deficit?

A magic eye point of view.

Against The Grain does not intend on necessarily supporting all big picture ideas that get published. However, I believe, in many instances, we become so engulfed in nitty gritty details (myself included) that we forget to step back, and understand someone or something on a bigger level. When that does happen, when we do take a moment to understand beyond the focus point, we often discover true solutions, we uncover true creativity, or maybe we just have a good, deep-belly laugh.

  • I hope to publish blogs with educational substance.
  • I hope to publish blogs that make you re-think your current thoughts and opinions.
  • I hope to publish blogs that make you smile, laugh, and share that moment with a friend.

Here we go.

Want to be featured?


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