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No, There's Not An App for That

And if there is, it should be destroyed.

First things, first—yes, I understand the irony in publishing this article online and sharing it via social media. Okay. That's out of the way. Now for the advice.

Step away from the computer.

Well, not right this second. You can finish reading first, but that is the core takeaway of this week's Against The Grain blog post.

This week's takeaway stems mostly from Against The Grain's ongoing mission and dedication to "kicking it old school, getting weird, and remembering the basics," which you can read more about on Against The Grain's website. This week's takeaway also stems from a meeting I had earlier this week.

It was with a friend and fellow business owner.

We didn't meet for more than 2 hours but I felt more empowered and more accomplished from that meeting than any other task I've completed or worked on in a really long time. A. Really. Long. Time.

Go do it.
  1. Set up a meeting with a  fellow professional, maybe even a friendly competitor.
  2. Make sure there's no selfish agenda on either side (nobody's looking to make a deal out of this).
  3. Come to the table prepared to define your business and your specialties.
  4. Share your struggles.
  5. Share your strengths.
  6. Share a funny story.
  7. Take notes.
You can spend two hours managing emails and making sure your social media posts are "just right" but I promise you'll find more success and growth (personal and professional) if you balance that with a real life connection to:
  • neutral individuals
    • like-minded & opposite-minded
  • as always, your customer
    • potential and current
Already doing this or have questions on how to get started? Let me know.


Angela Corrado

Serious Business Lady, Against The Grain LLC

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